I love cedar (insert sarcasm here).  The boy has had this cedar dresser for who knows how long.  In our old house, I hid it in our closet… out of sight, out of mind.  When I realized in this house it was going to be front and center, I knew something had to be done. 

(There are drawers in the top spots.  The boy just moves faster than my camera.)

The boy had been on a sand-and-stain-spree, re-finishing our entertainment stand and coffee table before moving into the new house.  We’d already done the entertainment center once, staining it mahogany.  It worked… but I wanted it darker.  At the time I was feeling a white/cream/black scheme.  We picked up Minwax Ebony stain and he got to work.  I wasn’t involved in these projects… hence no pictures.  He was very specific about doing the work on his own. 

That would NOT be the case on this dresser. 

My distaste for cedar is due to its smell, mostly.  My mom and sister are both allergic to cedar, so it was never permitted near our house.  That smell was always bad.  If you’ve ever sanded cedar, you know… it smells.  Oh!  And the dust from cedar is out of CONTROL.  The dresser appeared to be an easy sand until we discovered the insane amount of lacquer on that bad boy.  I knew it was super shiny, so I expected some lacquer but this was insane.  Lucky for me, the boy sands and I stain.

After sanding all sides, I used a 1 inch foam brush to go in the direction of the grain.  The cedar practically drank the stain.  I applied two coats, lightly stroked it (hellllloooo….) with a dry towel and applied one more coat before putting it in the sun to dry.  When it was dry, I applied two more coats, let that dry, and followed with two coats of semi-gloss polyurethane.   The original knobs were also cedar (nothx) so a trip to Wally World produced a 10 pack of silver knobs.  While I was not happy with the price, it saved the trip to Lowes and the finish option was very clear to me… my options were white plastic, gold, white ceramic or silver.  Hi-ho-silver!!!

I love the way the edges of the dresser didn’t soak the stain in completely (or maybe I rubbed it off a little?  No one knows…) because it gives just the right touch I need.  I’ve mentioned before the boy likes clean, modern lines and NOT chippy paint and rough edges.  I heart chippy paint and rough edges.

Just a few nights of sanding (garage time for the boy) and one day of staining and this bad boy was finished.  I love love love it so much more than the cedar!  What do you think?



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2 responses to “Ceeeeeeddddaaaaarrrrrrrrrrr.

  1. rose

    i love what you do, making old stuff look different. you must be thrifty.

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